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Sharks: Kings of the Ocean

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Nonton Movie – Sharks: Kings of the Ocean

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Sharks: Kings of the Ocean

Nonton Movie – Sharks: Kings of the Ocean

Kategori: Documentary

Deskripsi: Sharks: Kings of the Ocean, The sharks are the predators of the seas, they are ruthless, bloodthirsty and they do not stop at anyone, not even humans! But is that really true? Are sharks really the cruel creatures that we have come to know? And if they’re not, what are the misconceptions we have about them? What would be the consequences of their extinction? And how did the misguided opinion that we have about this species even emerge? “Sharks 3D” gets to the bottom of this, with the help of the internationally recognized expert on sharks, Erich Ritter, and with numerous excursions under water in search of the true nature of the so called beast of the seas. This underwater journey delivers unexpected insights on these cartilaginous fish that will fundamentally change the opinion that you have about sharks.

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